Valley BMX Local Race

You always hear about how your favorite band played an impromptu show at a small little dive bar after a just finishing up a big show at an arena somewhere, well I was able to witness the BMX Photographers version of that dive bar at Valley BMX Saturday night.

After being at Horseheads BMX and taking pictures at probably the nicest and most picturesque track in the Northeast we went to Valley BMX for camping and a local race. If you have never been there Valley BMX is a small track that I would imagine many people have not visited due to its location, and very few riders went to the “show” there after the State Qualifier at Horseheads BMX on Saturday. Well just like how the Gods of Rock make that dive bar show better than any show on the Bands Tour, the Photography Gods smiled down on me that night as well because racing started late, Valley BMX does not have lights, and there was an incredible color-filled sunset building in the sky all evening, and I felt like that Band at the dive bar with the few fans that came in the form of BMXer’s.

Timing would be the only thing that would have made the Main Event, the encore, that one that everyone would have been talking about for years to come. Just as the incredible sunset was peaking, and like the Fire Marshal showing up in that over-crowded dive bar, timing would have it that during the very moment when the sky was perfect there was an EIGHT-MINUTE intermission. I can tell you as a photographer I almost cried while watching the colors fade from the sky during that short time, and like that band playing one of their new songs for the encore, the pictures during that Main Event were ok, but not the same as they could have been had they played one of their hits. Well the encore isn’t everything, at least the warm-up and the first two sets were on fire!

Hope everyone loves them as much as I did taking them…

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