2019 Limestone City Nationals Day Two

Day two did not start out as well as day one, it rained really hard during the night and fresh track building, no tarps, and lots of rain add up to sticky muddy conditions. Parents and Riders were met with signs stating that both Day Two and Day Three would be run back to back today with the threat of all day rain on Day Three. As a parent I think this makes you both happy and worried at the same time. For one you are happy to get a head start for the drive home, but at the price of the racers having run 2x the laps in the same day. To add to the stress riders during the early morning practice found out just how sticky the mud was, even after only one lap you were going to have a lot of cleaning to do.

After many, many laps of practice and lots of help from the volunteers including the riders, the track was brought up to good enough condition to race on.

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